鶹ֱ has 40 buildings*, containing approximately 3,500,000 square feet of building space* and more than 600 acres of land*. The ages of the district’s school buildings span from just a few years old to more than 100 years old. Less than 10% of the buildings were constructed before 1925 and 2.5% of the buildings were constructed after 2000.

*These statistics do not yet reflect the changes that are outlined in the 2024 Rightsizing Plan. Updates will be made accordingly in the upcoming school year.

The Office of Facilities is responsible for managing, maintaining, and upgrading the buildings and grounds of 鶹ֱ. Research has shown that a clean, safe, and orderly environment is necessary for high levels of student academic achievement. Expecting students to perform to their highest levels is not possible in a building that is dirty and not properly maintained. Our department is committed to creating and maintaining an environment that is necessary for both students and staff to achieve at their highest possible levels.

Our department is located in the Educational Support Center at 3600 52nd Street in Kenosha. The office is open Monday–Friday, 7 a.m.–4:30 p.m.

Department Contacts

Custodial Operations

  • Laurie Krueger
    Operations, Safety & Environmental Supervisor
    lkrueger@kusd.edu | 262-359-7419
  • Crissie Escobedo
    Custodial Supervisor
    cescobed@kusd.edu | 262-359-5995
  • Kim Decker
    Administrative Support | Custodial Operations
    kdecker@kusd.edu | 262-359-6371

Maintenance Crew Leaders